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Employees Invest in Communities with 1K Your Way

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What good could you do with $1,000? We asked employees that very question earlier this year, seeking proposals for $1,000 grants to individual employees who wanted to invest in their communities. Our 1K Your Way giving campaign chose 20 employees from coast to coast to direct $1,000 Domtar grants to important causes in their area.

These grants are in addition to the millions of dollars and thousands of volunteer hours that Domtar has given corporately to improve literacy and learning, health and wellness, and sustainability in the areas where we operate. We’re proud to work alongside our neighbors to enrich life in their hometowns. Although a little elbow grease and sweat equity can go a long way toward cleaning up a park, building a trail or packing supplies, sometimes you just need a little cash to get things done.

1K Your Way Helps Remove Invasive Weeds

Rick Parkin, a forklift operator at the Rothschild Mill, applied for a grant to help the Lake Wausau Association remove curly-leaf pondweed, an invasive weed that contributes to destructive algal bloom, from the 1,900-acre lake on the Wisconsin River. The biomass that is removed will be used by local yard waste sites to create nutrient-rich compost.

A 1K Your Way grant helped remove an invasive weed that contributes to destructive algal bloom in Lake Wausau.[/caption]

1K Your Way Blesses Babies

Juliana Lievano, a graphic designer in our Fort Mill offices, chose Bright Blessings of Charlotte, North Carolina, for her grant.

“Every baby deserves a positive start to life. Bright Blessings has a program called Bless-a-Baby that brings help and hope to homeless and impoverished babies by providing for their emergent health and wellbeing,” Lievano says. “Every Blessing Basket that they prepare and deliver is tailored to the needs of each child and provides all of the new basics that baby needs. Soft blankets, fresh clothing, diapers and wipes, critical healthcare items, feeding supplies, educational materials and more — these gifts of love and support fill every basket. This program provides a healthy and positive start for the tiniest victims of poverty. For new mothers, worry and stress turn into joyful blessings and promote positive bonding between mother and child.”

Our new 1K Your Way grant program enabled 20 Domtar colleagues to contribute $1,000 to local projects that help improve their communities. Take a look at some of the projects Domtar funded this year.

Volunteers installed three new raised garden beds with internal watering systems at Chahk Hah Chee Head Start.[/caption]

1K Your Way Promotes Summer Learning

Courtney St. Onge, senior communications manager in Fort Mill, requested support for Freedom School Partners in Charlotte. The organization hosts six-week summer programs serving hundreds of students at various sites, helping them avoid summer learning loss and continue developing literacy, social and emotional skills.

“Freedom Schools does amazing work to brighten the future of hundreds of students,” she says. “It’s a joy to share new books and ideas with young people and see their confidence grow. It’s a nice fit with Domtar because so much of their reading and activities utilize paper. It’s a reminder of how our products play a part in education every day.”